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Best Nursing Colleges in Kolkata

Best Nursing Colleges in Kolkata

Still worried about what to study after higher seconder(10+2) and which college will be the proper and never considered nursing?

Here is some good reason for why you should study Nursing, which you can find in almost all the best nursing college in kolkata.

  • You’re Almost Guaranteed a Job at the End of Your Degree

Nursing is one of the most highly employable degrees. In fact, a huge 94% of graduate nurses find employment in a nursing job within six months of finishing their degree.

  • Nursing Careers Can Be Hugely Rewarding

 Despite what you might read about nursing in the papers, In the all of best nursing colleges in kolkata and most of the nurses I know find their jobs hugely rewarding.

Top Nursing Colleges

  • Freedom to Work Anywhere

Unlike some professions, where you have to work either in the capital or a major city to progress your career, nursing allows you to work anywhere in the country, giving you freedom and flexibility over where you live and how you live your life.

  • You wont have to spend three years in the university library

Nursing degrees are really hands on and mix academic work with real life hands on experience. Typically, whichever type of nursing degree you study, you will spend about half your time on different types of placements, including hospital and community based, allowing you to work with different types of patients and discover what sort of nursing you prefer, for example working on an A&E ward or working with vulnerable older people.

  • You’ll be Highly Respected

It’s important to know that not only is nursing rewarding but also nurses are really valued and often work as highly respected members of multi-disciplinary teams. Their views and opinions are listened to just as much as those of the doctors and surgeons they’re working with.

Best Nursing Colleges in Kolkata


Here is the list of best nursing colleges in Kolkata, West Bengal

  1. Calcutta Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Science  –  View Details
  2. Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research –  View Details
  3. Brainware University –  View Details
  4. Charnock Healthcare Institute –  View Details
  5. BM. Birla College of Nursing –  View Details
  6. Shova Rani Nursing College –  View Details
  7. Gandhi Institute of Management and Technology –  View Details
  8. Sister Florence College of Nursing –  View Details
  9. Peerless College of Nursing –  View Details
  10. Sister Nivedita University –  View Details


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